​Our Story

Kelley Wilford and  and I (Tracey Ramsey) are (Identical twins). We are the designers of 2 Lite Creations; living in Queens, NY. 

Our interest with designing earrings began in 2009 when we decided to return to wearing our hair in its natural state. At which time, we did a big chop

(cut our hair very short) and was learning to embrace our Natural Hair. 


While trying to adjust to the new look, we realize we needed funky and fun earrings to assist us as we becoming familiar with new our short hair style. We shopped and searched for earrings to accommodate this new look. We soon realized, earrings being sold were simple, heavy or very common.  It was then, we decided to start creating their own earring designs.  As we began to wear our designs, people started commenting and requested to have a pair made themselves.


Designing earrings revealed  our individuality,  our unique styles and artistic creativity. Our ultimate goal for "2 Lite Creations: was to create designs that would make our face; as well as; other women faces’ smile.  Our earrings are unique and bold while others are dainty and can be made small.  Some of our creations are familiar symbols and shapes while others are original designs; and some created, are one of a kind (special stones).  


Our earrings are amazingly light, they are designed to make one's face smile and conversation statement pieces.  

​​​"I love big, bold, statement earrings; that are extremely lite.

I can't wear big and bold, however, I am able to wear beautiful, unique and the right size for me.....