Our Story

Kelley, the designer of 2 Lite Creations,  uses jewelry to express her artistic creativity. She believes her ear creations provoke conversation when worn.  Kelley uses light aluminum and leather in her designs. The  ultimate goal is to make a person’s face smile with just the right piece of jewelry.  Some of Kelley's earrings are unique, some are labeled as exclusive pieces because she cannot remember  exactly how it was designed. When the mood strikes her, she creates designs in familiar and recognizable shapes.  Some of the designs are in the form of beautiful flowers, diamonds, spirals and clef notes.  Kelley enjoys creating these unusual pieces.


Kelley gets the pleasure when  she ask women to fell her ear pieces, and witness reactions of women who think their earrings are too heavy for the ear, at a first glance.  But  most people  are surprised by how light the earrings really are, when they feel them.  Kelley, understands, women want beautiful and sometimes big bold earrings without the heaviness that tugs at their earlobes.   Kelley  believes the lightness of the earrings makes their jewelry truly memorable and treasured pieces.

Kelley has an identical twin (Tracey) who helps  with creating the unique and beautiful designs for 2 Lite Creations; both were  raised in Queens, New York.  Tracey and Kelley’s  interest in jewelry design began in 2009, when they both decided to  shave their heads bald. They wanted to embrace their natural hair texture for the first time since they were young girls.  While having shopped and searched for bold, chunky and beautiful earrings, they realized earrings sold in stores were either too small, heavy and/or very common.  Kelley and Tracey decided to start making their own earrings.  Once they did, women began asking about the designs and wanted to know where they bought their jewelry from. It was then they realized others wanted to wear their designs. Thus, a policy was born, if someone wanted the earrings either twin was wearing, they must surrender the earrings, to be sold.




​​​"I love big, bold, statement earrings.These are great, because they are weightless".......

"When people stop me and ask questions about my ear jewelry, I love sharing that they're my creations. They really are great conversational pieces."

  The Creative Directors behind 2 Lite Creations