The Creative Designers Behind 2 Lite Creations​

​Our Story

Kelley and Tracey are the designers of 2 Lite Creations,  Their earrings reveal their unique individual artistic ability. They use  aluminum and leather in their creations. Their ultimate goal is to create designs that make women  faces smile.  Their earrings are unique, odd  and many  are familiar symbols and shapes; for example beautiful flowers, diamonds, hearts and clef notes.      


Kelley and Tracey's creations look heavy and  very deceiving. The ladies get pleasure watching women  initial expression change from scorn to delight once they realize how light the earrings are; after holding them.   Kelley and Tracey   understand some women  want beautiful, big, bold  and unique earrings, and then there are those that want  dainty, unique and beautiful earrings.  The ladies managed  to satisfy the needs of a variety of customers.   

Kelley and Tracey are  identical twins; and both  live  in Queens, New York.  Their interest in jewelry design began in 2009, when they both decided do a big chop,  go bald and embrace their Natural textures.    While having shopped and searched for bold, chunky and beautiful earrings, they realized earrings sold  were either small, heavy and/or very common.  Kelley and Tracey decided to start making their own creations.  This is when women began asking about their  designs and wanted  to purchase what they were wearing.     

This was the Birth of 2 Lite Creations. 




​​​"I love big, bold, statement earrings.These are great, because they are weightless".......

I can't wear big and bold, however, I am able to wear beautiful, unique and the right size for me.....